Focus, Flow & Productivity

One of our primary areas of research is improving attention and other higher order functions, in order to assist people with or without ADHD.

We have been able to achieve consistently higher scores on many focus measures, such as up to a 43% increase in focus-related gamma activity in our neuro-imaging studies.

We follow up our neuro-imaging with large behavioral studies in tandem with universities or on-staff neuroscientists. In these studies, we use the same exact music as a placebo and an experiment - the only difference being the specific instrumentation we use to create a more attentive state of mind.

We have found improvements in performance for people with or without ADHD. We are able to bring demographics that test poorly, up to a normal performance level, simply by listening to specially designed music.


Sleep and Relaxation

We have a combined experience of over two decades creating music to help with sleep disorders. Poor quality sleep is a world-wide pandemic, linked to obesity, dementia and more.

Music, oddly enough, is a perfect intervention for sleep, because while asleep the brain is constantly monitoring its environment through audio.

This fact helps explain the dramatic positive results we’ve seen in our sleep studies. We see subjects spend more time in deep sleep, where the body is rejuvenated, and less time awake or trying to fall asleep.

Additionally, we see an increase in “sleep spindles” which are strongly indicative of the brain consolidating long term memory. In other words, we believe our music can help people get better sleep and remember more.


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