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Increase productivity for you and your team with a flow state that is scientifically proven to create faster reaction times, improve accuracy, and discover laser focus.



Get to sleep faster and increase the quality of the sleep you get. Our sleep music has been proven to increase slow-wave sleep for a deeper, sounder sleep.


Meditation + Relaxation

Find deep relaxation, learn to focus on your breath, and increase your HRV scores with meditative music that’s scientifically designed to help you chill.



From Olympians to fitness app fanatics, we have experience creating sounds that help you find your pace, get into the zone, and perform your best. 

We work with your platform to find the best solution to utilize our neuro-synchronized audio. Collaborating with all types of organizations - everything from burnout, to medical needs, to closed-loop EEG wearable systems.

Our Science

Backed by world renowned Neuroscientists


Dr. Ben Morillon, PhD
Primary Science Advisor
Cognitive Neuroscientist, Aix-Marseille University


Dr. Matthew Sachs, PhD
Director of Science
Department of Psychology, Columbia University

Scientifically Verified Results

Focus Music - Large-Scale Performance Task Study

400+ Test Subjects:

Ongoing study by Matthew Sachs, PhD, pending publication.

  • 40% increase in performance (after 20 minutes of focusing!)
  • 30% increase in performance for ADHD subjects
  • 50% increase in performance for introverted subjects

Sleep Music - Sleep Study

Over 30 nights of EEG recordings:

  • Doubled time spent in deep sleep (30-200% more slow-wave sleep!)
  • Time to fall asleep decreased by ~55%
  • Tossing and Turning decreased by ~40%

Our Team

  • Adam Hewett is the Founder and Team Leader of Evoked Response, and pioneer in the neuroscience of music.
  • Two decades of experience in the field. Founded Transparent Corp in 2003, expanded into a broader market with Brain.fm in 2014. Continuously advancing neuroscientific benefits of music.
  • Recipient of the National Science Foundation Grant for his work on Remediating Inattention via Algorithmically Generated Music
  • Inventor of two key patents: Noninvasive Neural Stimulation Through Audio and Method to increase quality of sleep with acoustic intervention
  • His work with Brain.fm was featured in:

Chris Kukla
Director of Music

Kaitlyn Caraway
Partnership Manager

Shayan Nahrvar
Business Strategy and Operations

How it Works

A Brief Introduction

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Neurons in our brains communicate with each other, forming thoughts, emotions, and ideas using electrical impulses (commonly known as Brainwaves).

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Activities such as sleeping, working, or meditating, each have their own unique brainwave pattern.

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Evoked Response leverages Neuro-musical Synchronization, to optimize brainwave patterns for each desired activity.

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Our music is driven by science. We utilize large scale studies and data from electro-encephlograms to produce substantial results.

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